I am a native of Santa Barbara, California. I began attending births for friends and family years ago, and loved everything about being included and involved in welcoming a new life into the world. I had two plans while I was growing up. One was to become a nurse, and the other was to become a preschool teacher, or enter a similar profession where I would spend lots of time with children. Close, I became a mom! I have three children, each with their own, very different birth story. Looking back, as a patient, I wasn't aware that I was allowed to be more involved in the decision-making during birth and labor. I just went along with everything, trusting in the doctor's choices. I have since learned about the options, informed consent, and much more, and want to share that information with others. After researching doulas, I began the journey to become certified myself. I'm so grateful to have found a career I truly love, and to be able to help others create the birth experience that's right for them.


"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."

-Jane Weidman



  • Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute - Certified Massage Therapist

  • DONA International - Birth/Postpartum Doula Certification

  •  Reiki Restore - Certified Reiki Master, Trained by Anna Royer in Usui Tibetan Reiki.

  •  BEST Certified Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation

  •  Food Handlers Card

  •  Blood Born Pathogens / OSHA

  •  Basic Life Support/CPR


Providing services in Santa Barbara County and Surrounding Areas

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