Rei meaning Higher Power

Ki meaning Life Force

Reiki is a way of guiding the life force into the body. Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that helps your body balance itself.

Reiki is based on the principle that everything contains energy. Everything has energy, including you and me. When we are born, we are connected to this universal energy. Throughout time, changes occur and the energy decreases. During Reiki, the individual is reconnected to that pure energy. Reiki has had many reported benefits. While pregnant, it can be used to treat nausea, relieve uncomfortable symptoms and ease exhaustion. Reiki is safe during all stages of pregnancy. It can also aid in changes that occur during labor.

Benefits of Reiki?

·         Helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation

·         Helps improve clarity of thinking and emotions

·         Reiki helps treat depression and anxiety

·         Improves focus

·         Improves joint mobility

·         Helps you to sleep better

·         Helps heal inflammation and infection

·         Treats side effects of cancer

·         Reduces metabolic syndrome

·         Reiki helps get rid of energy blocks

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