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“Elaina is an amazing doula! My husband and I can both attest to her skills and knowledge. We had planned and trained for a natural labor however in my 42nd week, I ended up needing a C-section. Elaina was with us every step of the way. She has a calm maternal grace about her and she seemed to know everything I needed or wanted before I asked. Having her there with me allowed my husband to be with our daughter across the room after her birth. She was even able to record special moments that we would have otherwise missed. Having 3 children of her own mixed with her knowledge of pre and post birth was a huge help. She helped me with breast feeding as our daughter didn’t take to right away. She even supported me at the breast feeding course I had took prior to birth. She is highly trained and experienced and she is accessible and reliable when you need her. We were beyond blessed to have her with us.”

~Lisa & Bryan, Santa Clarita

"Elaina helped me so much when I was overwhelmed and exhausted with three month old twin boys. Her nurturing and capable presence made me feel confident leaving them with her to tend to their individual needs while I got some much needed rest. She went above and beyond to make sure my wishes and needs were met during the night feeds of tandem nursing the boys and even helped care for my five year old daughter during daytime hours when necessary. She also saved the day to help us get packed up and to the airport in time to catch a flight with all three kids! I looked forward to her arrival not only for the help but because she brought a positive and warm energy to a precious but difficult time. Elaina was a delight to work with!"

  Christea, Carpinteria, CA

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